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Plum Blossom Handmade


Etsy Store



All outfits and headband are hand-made!

Welcome to my sewing page!  My goal is to sew unique pieces that are both fun to wear and fun to sew.  I have a new Etsy store called Plum Blossom Handmade.  My taste in sewing is very eclectic and it ranges from vintage to modern.   On this page, I will try to document some of the clothing and accessories that I have created and if you click here you can access my hair accessories page.  My love for handmade clothing began as a child growing up over seas during a time when it was more common.  I hope my daughters and other little girls can experience the same happiness I feel with each handmade piece.



Sisters wearing matching headbands and baby is wearing of my favorite doll dresses!


Like my facebook page and follow me on Instagram to see new creations!  I want to give my sincerest thank you to my friend, Helen, for everything and always believing in me.   I also want to thank all the wonderful people that have entrusted me to create a one of a kind pieces for their child.

I love to make you something special together with you.  Please contact me at  Thank you!  谢谢!


Both wearing handmade Valentine dresses! Baby friends are the best 🙂


 Click here for handmade hair accessories page!






Vintage Inspired Dresses








Ellie and Knots “Matilda Jane Style”


Peasant Dresses