Chinese New Year Lucky Sayings

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Chinese New Year Lucky Sayings


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During Chinese New Year, people greet one another with unique sayings to wish each other luck for the upcoming year. People see the New Year as a chance to leave the problems of the previous year behind. The following lucky sayings are for you to use during Chinese New Year. Many are applicable during other times as well. Each saying comes in Chinese, pinyin, and English.

Here are some ways for you to begin your New Year well wishes.

祝你…… zhù nǐ … Wish you (informal)

祝您 …… zhù nín … Wish you (older/respected)

祝爸爸妈妈 ……zhù bàba māma … Wish parents

祝大家 …… zhù dà jiā … Wish everyone



Practice saying 42 lucky sayings with the flashcards below.


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