Kindergarten Drawing

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In the beginning of Kindergarten, many children can draw with great confidence, but there are always a few who are not willing to try and say they don’t know how to draw.  Some children may even feel upset when they compare their drawings with their peers.  This is why I believe with more explicit drawing lessons, children will feel more confident and take their drawings to higher levels.  In class, I teach two kinds of drawing – step by step drawing and drawing by observation.  During step by step drawing, we learn to draw animals, landscape, people, insects, and many more.  Just like learning how to play an instrument or a sport, drawing needs to be practiced.   To me there is something very natural, magical and innocent about the children’s drawings.  In class, our motto is “there are no mistakes in art” and draw in a positive, non-judgmental, non-competitive environment.  Besides the obvious benefit of learning to draw, students also develop fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities and improved concentration.  Everybody can enjoy drawing, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin.  In class, we learn to utilize the basic components of shape and students are able to create any possible image with the fewest number of lines.  Be ready to be inspired by these four and five year olds!


The drawings are posted from most recent on top to the older ones on bottom.


Children absolutely loved drawing an erupting volcano.  To show how large the volcano was we also drew trees under the mountain.  Adding the whale and birds were the children’s ideas. 

We drew frogs and tadpoles!

We learned to draw ducks, water lily, and dragonfly step by step today.  Look at what the creative children added on their own from their imaginations!




We learned to draw deers step by step.  Then we created thick forest and grass for the deers to live in!




We learned to draw panda bears and their favorite food, bamboo.  Students wrote panda bear (熊猫 xiong mao) in Chinese on their drawings.




hildren picked the topic: drawing the beach!  Look at the sea gulls, star fish, and sea shells in the drawings.

We learned to draw trees using shapes: circles, rectangles, ovals, and triangles.

 We learned to draw peacocks using circles and lines.  (the peacock subject was chosen by the students)

We learned to draw a desert landscape.  We learned that hills closer are darker than hills farther away.  Notice the children used different colors for the hills.


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