Original Lesson For Young Kids

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Below is an easy lesson that I made up suitable for very young children.  It involves fine motor practice “cutting and drawing”, dramatic play “acting out with the cut out animals”, singing, and is also a great way to learn new Mandarin vocabulary!  Mandarin should never be taught only from memorization.  As a teacher and mom, I know that straight memorization is not effective like hands on learning where you truly internalize new information.  I have cut the lesson into smaller parts to make it easier for upload.

This page hasn’t been updated and will not be updated.  Please visit here for more lessons on vocabulary, songs, and conversational Chinese.


Mandarin Owl Craft


Introduction of craft

This is a very fun and simple craft.  It is also a great way for dramatic play and learning Mandarin Chinese.  You need a pair of scissors, a pencil, and a white paper plate.

Making the craft

Let’s get start cutting!  I substituted the pencil for a black marker so that the drawing will show up more clearly on the video.

Introduce Chinese vocabulary

You can decorate the mice and the owl if you like!

The Chinese vocabulary words are:

Owl    猫头鹰 māo tóu yīng

On a tree    在树上 zài shù shàng

Together with me    和我一起 hé wǒ yī qǐ

Play 玩 wán

teaching the song

This is the last part of the lesson. I made up this song to teach Annabelle action words in Mandarin Chinese.  It is so much easier to teach new vocabulary or review vocabulary through music with children.  Children don’t even know they are learning!


Annabelle had a lot of fun with this craft and song because it was simple, fun, and hands-on. Best of all she did everything independently and even made up new words to substitute!

Annabelle singing owl laughing

Annabelle sings the song I just taught by substituting the last word with laugh or 笑哈哈.

Annabelle singing owl eating mice

Annabelle sings the song again by substituting the last word with eating the mice or 吃老鼠.



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