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animated firecrakers


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Learn a Chinese word each day!  Practice using the word in sentences and phrases with audio.


Free Goodies For Downloading

Learn pinyin 拼音, the phonetic building blocks of Mandarin Chinese.  Below are large flashcards (4 on each page) with and without tone marks of all the pinyin letters in Mandarin Chinese.  You can use these to teach and review with children as well as play games.

Press play to hear Pinyin song 拼音儿歌 

 Large Pinyin Flashcards With Tone Marks 拼音字母表


This is a really catchy song with hand movements that I taught to my students.  I typed up the simplified Chinese and pinyin for the song lyrics.  I have also created a video with me slowly saying the lyrics in Chinese and doing the hand gestures.  If you would like the English translations please email me at



These are some of the most common Chinese characters in extra font.  Print them out and cut them to use as flashcards for beginning Chinese learners or kids.  All are in simplified Chinese.

  Chinese Words Flashcards

This is a Powerpoint that I use to review Chinese vocabulary words on body parts.

  Chinese body parts vocabulary game.ppt

Here is a useful chart with high frequency Chinese words and phrases.   It is useful to have this chart in class for speaking, listening, and writing practices.

chinese word wall chart1


This is a PowerPoint that I made on classroom objects.  I have included the pronunciation of each object in PowerPoint as well.   You can download it below.

Classroom Objects in Chinese


This is a PowerPoint that I created common fruits in Chinese.  Each slide includes the picture of the fruit as well as the Chinese pronunciation of the fruit.  You can download it below.

Fruits in Chinese


This is a book that is a great resource for learning some Chinese vocabulary.  Each picture has the Chinese words and pinyin to help you pronounce the words.  Click on the link to download  Chinese book picture word cards.


This is a book of Chinese nursery rhymes with pinyin to help you read as well.  Nursery rhymes like these help young children in China learn how to read.   Click on the link to download it Chinese Nursery Rhymes 看图识字念儿歌


These two award-winning children books are in traditional Chinese. If you would like the English translation or audio reading, please email me at

  1. Download an entire children book 黑色故事 or The Story of Color Black here 黑色故事 The Story of Color Black.  This book is a great story about teamwork and acceptance.  Once upon a time, all the colors were great friends but they did not like the color black.  Black felt so sad that he decided to go somewhere else.  When the color black began to disappear from the world, many bad changes began to take place in our world.  People couldn’t sleep anymore because it was always daylight, panda bears became white like polar bears, and swallows no longer were black.  What will happen now?
  2. Download an entire children book 狮子扑水 or The Lion Jumps into the Water [儿童]狮子扑水 Lion Jumps Into Water.  The book is about a lion who wants to see what he looks like so he tells animals to draw a portrait of him.  However, he does not like any of the portraits and threatens to eat everyone.  In the end, an animal tells him to look into the lake to find the perfect portrait.  When the lion looks at his reflection he becomes so angry that he jumps in.  Read the book and its pictures to find out what happens next.  This book is written in traditional Chinese.  If you would like the English translation please email me at


Download an entire book for free here Chinese book picture word cards.  Each page has a picture, pinyin and Chinese vocabulary written in simplified Chinese.


These two are traditional nursery rhymes from China.  What child doesn’t like to rhyme?  This is a funny rhyming poem about eating soybeans.  It is very easy to learn.  I have made it in both simplified and traditional Chinese with pinyin. I have also included the English translation. Download the audio here of me reading.

This is a simple Chinese rhyme about a rooster. I have made it in both simplified and traditional Chinese with pinyin. I have also included the English translation. Download the audio here of me reading.

These are two traditional school yard games Chinese children play.

  1. The game Eagle Catching the Chicken is similar to catch but with a twist.  The game is pronounced lǎo yīn zhuā xiǎo jī.  Download the directions to the game here .
  2. The game Big Wind Blowing is similar to Musical Chairs and is pronounced dà fēng chuī . Click here for directions to the game.

Pinyin Charts – I recommend printing these on cardstock and laminating

Pinyin chart 1

This is a dice template I created with Chinese numbers.  Great for various games.

worksheet dice with chinese numbers

These are the 500 most commonly used Chinese characters. Knowing these will help you read Chinese books. I have made these cards in simplified Chinese. English, Pinyin, and Traditional Chinese cards are available upon request.
Most Common 500 Chinese Characters

This is an easy Chinese book with a cute ending.  This has repetitive phrases that children love.  Annabelle likes reading this one.  It is also a good book for retelling. You need to print out the pages and staple in the middle for the book to make sense.  It is in simplified Chinese.

This is an easy Chinese book!  Print out the pages, staple the book in the middle in order, and then read the book.  (If you don’t staple it together it will not be in order) It is in simplified Chinese.