Chinese and Art Summer Camp

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The goal of Chinese and Art summer camp in Manhattan Beach of South Bay is to provide a nurturing and creative environment for children to explore Mandarin Chinese.  I couldn’t find a Mandarin summer camp anywhere in the South Bay so as a credentialed teacher I decided to create my own.  The activities are whole-child, literacy based, developmental in approach, hands-on with ample opportunity for children to interact with peers; making learning more effective and fun.  Children acquire new vocabulary, cultural knowledge, write and read Chinese characters.  The lessons will be structured yet allowing freedom to give children opportunities to explore. question, communicate, and create in a fun, supportive environment.  Children are naturally creative so we do a different performance every Friday.  Check out an original play performed by campers that learned it in 5 days below.


An Original Play in Chinese

This is a play that I adapted from a very well-known Chinese kids story called 小蝌蚪找妈妈 Little Tadpole Looking For Their Mother.  Who doesn’t want to be with their mother?  The little tadpoles don’t know what their mother looks like and with the help of different animals they search for their mother.  This is a much beloved Chinese children story and it’s a great way learn Mandarin Chinese.



My students work on following skills and more:

Problem solving skills
Fine motor skills
Cultural and historical awareness
Art appreciation
Ability to make aesthetic judgments
Cooperation and much more…

Check out 2012 and 2011 Chinese and Art Summer below!

2012 Week 1 

2012 Week 2

2011 Week 1

2011 Week 2

2011 Week 3

2011 Week 4

Photo collage by Selena age 6

Have fun at Chinese Summer Camp in Los Angeles this summer! 🙂  

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