Lesson 10 Dragon Boat Festival 端午节

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Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 duānwǔjié

端午节, literally means “Double Fifth Festival”, is a Chinese festival celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month based on Chinese calendar.  端午节 is celebrated to commemorate the death of Qu Yuan in 287BC. Qu Yuan is a respected Chinese poet who drown himself out of sadness when his country lost to a conqueror’s hand.   端午节 is also often called Dragon Boat Festival since Chinese communities in many countries have Dragon Boat races to celebrate.

During 端午节 celebration, people will prepare and eat rice dumpling (zongzi) and drink wine. Zongzi is a traditional Chinese food made of sticky rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves.  It is often stuffed with meat and vegetable fillings.  According to folklore stories, zongzi was originally made and thrown to river to prevent fish from eating the body of Qu Yuan.  Visit here to download Powerpoint all about this special holiday.

Dragon Boat Racing in Long Beach, CA 

Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival is an annual event in Long Beach.  In addition to hosting one of the largest dragon boat competitions in California, there will be Chinese traditional art demonstrations, Chinese Acrobats, traditional dance, hip hop, music and martial arts performances.

During this lesson, students learned to draw a dragon boat.  Some students even added people inside the dragon boats.  Here are some great pictures of the kids working!


Tessa and me


me and Penny

Me and Bodhi


Annabelle traces over her drawing with a sharpie


Kaya pauses for a smile

Lolo takes time with details


Milo concentrates on the dragon’s scales


Jachin adds water to his painting

Jude colors his dragon orange

Ava has a special vision for her dragon

Katrina likes a rainbow scaled dragon boat










Simone smiles BIG for the camera


Emmi works patiently on her dragon boat

kids working hard


Paula take time painting dragon boat


kids working hard on their dragon boats











 Look what we painted!


Paula and Ananya loves their dragon boat


Jude and mommy smiling for camera

This is a dragon boat for children!

What a great memory sake!

Tessa and her daddy are both very proud of her dragon boat

Simon is very happy with his dragon boat

Alexia with her dragon boat

Penny posing with her grandma

Julien and Ananya did a phenomenal job on their dragon boat!

Annabelle is proud of her dragon boat

Ava’s unique dragon boat


Jachin added people to paddle his dragon boat

Mila’s dragon boat

Nice Chinese waves!

Julien and Ananya did a phenomenal job on their dragon boat!

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