Art And Music Chinese Class

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Children received an overview about China, its language, its history and its culture.  Some of the topics explored in this class include: traditional Chinese games, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese brush painting, Chinese fan dancing, Chinese literature (such as Tadpoles Searching For Their Mother and Qu Yuan the poet), Chinese paper cutting, Chinese music, speaking Chinese, and introduction to Chinese character writing.  We explored different topics weekly and had tons fun!  Each child also received silkworm eggs to raise at home.

I organize lessons by topics.  Topics from each lesson will be posted so that families can review and practice with their child on what they have learned.

Lesson  Content

Lesson 1

Chinese fish symbol

Lesson 2

Chinese fans

Lesson 3

Tadpoles in Search of Their Mother

 Lesson 4

 Chinese Goldfish

Lesson 5

 Chinese Couplets

Lesson 6

 Plum Blossoms

Lesson 7

 Chinese Paper Cutting

Lesson 8

 Chinese Opera 脸谱

Lesson 9

 Painting a Treasure Box

Lesson 10

 Dragon Boat Race 端午节 

Lesson 11

Swallow 燕子



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