Lesson 09 今天是星期几?

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Lesson 9 今天是星期几?

Learn Days of the Week in Chinese


Practice the vocabulary for this lesson with games and activities!  Click on the picture below to download all the words in PDF.

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Directions: Rearrange the words into complete sentences. Make sure to include punctuation marks.

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1. 是,五,吗,后天,星期?
2. 这,是,家,的,谁?
3. 昨天,星期,二,是,是,不?
4. 哥哥,不,王玛丽,是,的,这。
5. 明天,是,星期,是,不,天?
6. 今天,不,五,星期,是。
7. 今天,生日,妈妈,是,不,的,是?
8. 月,星期,二十一,是,六,号,四。
9. 明天,陈老师,生日,的,是。
10. 星期六,昨天,不是,是?

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