Lesson 30 打电话

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Lesson 30 打电话

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The word 给 (gěi) literally means “to give”, but is frequently used in Chinese to indicate the target of a verb. The target is who or what the verb is aimed or directed at.

Subject + 给 + Target + Verb + Object


他 打 电话 了。gěi tā dǎ diànhuà le.  I gave him a call.

我 回 电话。Qǐng gěi wǒ huí diànhuà. Please call me back.


Common phrases used in a phone conversation.

English Sentence Chinese Sentence
1.Hello is this 4474716? 喂是4474716号吗?
2.I'd like to speak to Mr.Wang. 我想和王先生讲话。
3.I'm sorry.Mr. Wang is out right now. 对不起,王先生现在不在。
4.May I know when he'll be back? 您能告诉我他什么时候回来吗?
5.This is his classmate speaking. 我是他的同学。
6.Can I take a message for him? 要我转告吗?
7.May I have your name please? 请问您是谁?
8.Is he available? 他能接电话吗?
9.I'll just find out for you. 我给您看看他在不在?
10.Hello,are you still there? 喂,您没挂断吧?
11.Who is that speaking? 请问您是谁?
12.I'm so sorry that I made such an early phone call. 对不起我这么早打电话。
13.Who do you wish to talk to? 您要找谁呀?
14.Is Mrs. Chen in? 陈老师在吗?
15.Hello!Is Mrs. Chen there? 喂!是陈老师吗?
16.Yes speaking. 是的我就是。


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