Lesson 24 比一比

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Lesson 24 比一比


Click here to see large annotated list of antonyms in Chinese.


The preposition (bǐ) may be used to express comparison between two things.

A  B adjective

(A is adjective”er” than B)



– 我  你 。 ( I’m taller than you. )

– 他  你 。 ( He is fatter than you. )

– 爸爸  妈妈 。 ( Dad is taller than Mom. )


Comparison (+ degree)


A complement of degree can be added after the adjective.

A 比 B adjective + degree



– 我的苹果  你的苹果    一个。 ( I have one more apple than you )

– 他  我  一点儿。 ( He is a little fatter than me. )

– 爸爸  弟弟  多少 ( Dad is how much taller than younger brother? )

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