Lesson 23 什么动物鼻子长

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Lesson 23 什么动物鼻子长


Practice the vocabulary for this lesson with games and activities!  Click on the picture below to download all the words in PDF.

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Practice Quizzes


Click here to for extra practice quiz on using 她,他,它.


Directions: Rearrange the words into complete sentences.

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1. 脖子,老鼠,不,的,长。
2. 的,大,大象,身体,很。
3. 马,长,尾巴,长,的,不?
4. 姐姐,裙子,多少,条,有?
5. 李大中,人,家,几,个,有?
6. 的,是,眼睛,的,吗,蛇,黑?
7. 呢,不,你,喜欢,我,鸟?
8. 最,的,动物,耳朵,什么,短?

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