Lesson 15 她的眼睛很大

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Lesson 15 她的眼睛很大

Body Parts Vocabulary in Mandarin Chinese




lesson 15 body collage 1

Practice the vocabulary for this lesson with games and activities! Click on the picture below to download all the words in PDF.

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Directions: Rearrange the words into complete sentences.  Make sure to include punctuation marks.

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1. 小,鼻子,玛丽,不,小,的?
2. 个,在,学校,哪里,这?
3. 谁,眼睛,的,蓝,最?
4. 我,好,西瓜,喝,不,的,汁。
5. 这,鞋子,很,多,里,的。
6. 耳朵,大,爸爸,大,不,的?
7. 我,手,最,的,小。
8. 妈妈,裙子,很,的,短。

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