First Day of Class Activities

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First Days of Class


Class Signal

Teacher says “一二三看我

students freeze and look at teacher saying ” 一二三看你


Book for Reading on the First Day


David Goes To School

Click on picture to access the story



Get To Know You Game! (first day)

Randomly pick up a Froot Loop and answer the questions depending on the color!  You can eat the Froot Loop once you answer the question.  Try to speak as much Mandarin as possible!


Younger Grades


红色  -- Say any word in Mandarin

黄色 -- favorite food

橘黄色-- favorite color

绿色-- favorite animal

紫色 -- favorite game you play in school

蓝色 -- favorite book/movie/song


Older Grades


红色  -- Say a sentence in Mandarin

黄色 -- your favorite thing to do in school

橘黄色-- 1-3 words to describe yourself

绿色-- something you know about China

紫色 -- something you like to learn in Mandarin class

蓝色 -- favorite book/movie/music



First Day Song (first few classes)

Sing this song to the tune of Feres Jacques


Let’s Learn Zodiac Animal Character

Learn to draw rooster