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Below are links to each lesson in the Discovering Chinese textbook.  Each chapter has dual language flashcards, interactive games, and test your knowledge quizzes (check your answers instantly upon completion.  Click on a link to access any specific lesson.  Some of the lessons also contain videos or other learning resources.  Access all the vocabulary flash card sets from our textbook on my Quizlet page.


Click here to access supplemental videos that correspond to below lessons.

Click here to access practice quizzes for each lesson.

Click here to access Common Chinese Conversational Phrases.


Lesson Name  Content
Lesson 1 你好 Greet Each Other

Lesson 2 你叫什么名字?

 Ask and Say Your Name

Lesson 3 你多大?

 Learn Numbers and Ask For Age

Lesson 4 你是哪国人?

Ask and Give Your Nationality

Lesson 5 我上大华中学

What School Do you Attend

Lesson 6 我爱我的家

 Family Members

Lesson 7 你住在哪儿?

 Where Do You Live

Lesson 8 今天是几月几号?


Lesson 9 今天是星期几?

 Days of the Week

Lesson 10 教室里有什么?

 Classroom Vocabulary

Lesson 11 我喜欢吃水果

Fruits Vocabulary

Lesson 12 你想吃什么?

 Food Vocabulary

Lesson 13 她喜欢红色的书包

 Color Vocabulary

Lesson 14 他今天穿什么?

 Clothing Vocabulary

Lesson 15 她的眼睛很大

 Body Parts

Lesson 16 我喜欢运动


Lesson 17 你家有什么小动物


Lesson 18 我们坐小车去上学


Lesson 19 怎么走?

 Giving Directions

Lesson 20 多少钱?


Lesson 21 我会说华语

 Different Languages

Lesson 22 今天天气很好


Lesson 23 什么动物鼻子长

 Compare and Contrast

Lesson 24 比一比


Lesson 26 她的爸爸做什么工作?


Lesson 27 我的一天

Daily Schedule

Lesson 28 这是谁的房间?

Rooms and Furniture

Lesson 29 他在做什么?

What is He Doing

Lesson 30 打电话

Calling Using Telephone

Lesson 31 今天一上了什么课?

What's Your Class Schedule Today?

Lesson 32 我用眼睛看一看

Use My Eyes to See


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