Lesson 09 今天是星期几?

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Lesson 9 今天是星期几?

This lesson talks about time words and has some common verbs that we use in class such as 要 to want and 去 to go.  Much of the material in this video are more advanced than lesson 9 but it is a good idea to watch it to understand that time words always go in the beginning of the sentence.

This video goes over 2 different ways to say weekday: 星期 and 周.  Remember that there is one more way: 礼拜.  Click here to download the posters for all 3 ways for free.

This is a Taiwanese video made for young kids.  The first part of the video is based traditional song called “Looking for Tiger,” which is good for reviewing numbers.   The second part of the video deals with “星期几?” which is what we are learning in this lesson.  It is based a traditional kids rhyme that goes over what a monkey everyday of the week.

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