Grammar One Minute Videos 一分钟语法练习

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One-Minute Grammar Videos

Learn Chinese grammar quickly with these videos.  Make up three sentences using the grammar structure after watching a video.  Record the sentences on the video log for homework.

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 姓 xìng,  is both a transitive verb and noun.  姓 literally means to be surnamed.  In this lesson we are learning how to use 姓 as a verb.


多 duō means many, it is also often used to ask about the extent of something.  For example: How big is your school in Chinese would be “你的学校多大?”


The popular preposition 在 zài, means at, in, or on.  Chinese location words must come after the noun or object such as 在桌子上面  (literally: on table top) which means on top of the table.


在, 正在

 在 zài and 正在 zhèng zài can be used as auxiliary verbs to express that something is happening right now. You can use 正在 zhèng zài to put a little more emphasis on the action as in progress right now.


Learn to use 还 hái, which means in this video “and also.”


Learn to use 都 dōu, which is used to express all or both.

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