Beijing Trip

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I traveled to Beijing in July of 2012 and visited many must see tourist spots and ate at some wonderful restaurants.  Many pictures and descriptions will be coming soon.  Here are some videos that I took while I was there.  These videos depict Chinese culture that can only be witnessed in China.

Chinese Sugar Painting

The painter uses the brown sugar as the raw material, the bronze spoon and a shovel as the tool, and the slab of marble as the “paper”. To acquire liquid sugar, he has to cook the solid sugar in a pot before painting. The liquid sugar falls down as a thin thread onto the “paper” from the slanting spoon.  After a short while, a zodiac animal is created.   Then the painter separates the painting from the marble with a shovel, puts a wooden prod on the painting, and gives it to the customer.  The sugar painting is not only beautiful but also very delicious.

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