Three Little Pigs 三只小猪

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Three Little Pigs 三只小猪

A Play In Mandarin

three little pigs

At this year’s Chinese Summer Camp, my students worked very hard to learn and act out the play, Three Little Pigs, in just 3 days.  In between memorizing lines, students were busy designing and building their own props such as the straw house, wood house, and brick house.  They performed the play on the 4th day of camp.  Take a look at their amazing performance below!

Three Little Pigs Performed in Mandarin


The 3 little pigs rehearsing.


The Big Bad Wolf reading her lines.


Measuring the cardboard to build the brick house.


The brick house even has doors that open!


The straw house can stand on its own!


If you enjoy the play and would like to get the script in both Chinese and pinyin, please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers page by clicking on the picture below.

three little pigs in Mandarin 三只小猪