Video of Reading 发脾气大叫的妈妈 Picture Book

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Picture Book Reading

Why my students love “reading time!”

Children are at a peak age for learning language. Dr. Jane Healy, who wrote Endangered Minds: Why Children Don’t Think and What We Can Do About It, said that a child’s brain is ravenous for language stimulation.  I am sure you have all heard the phrase “children are sponges,” this is true with a second language as well.  In my experience as a teacher,  I find that a good picture book is well received at all ages.  It is important to find easy repetitive texts at the beginning language level so that students tries to establish patterns, cause and effect, and sequences.  The key is participation from the audience and finding books that can reinforce or teach a language concept.  When I am reading, I see students eagerly anticipating their moment to chime in, awaiting their moment to be an active part of a story.

Creating this website started as a side project and it has become a useful tool in my teaching.  My plan over this summer is to create more videos of picture books reading.  Stay tuned!



 This is my first attempt to record myself reading a children’s book in Chinese. This is a funny German picture book titled  “Schreimutter” (translation: Scream-Mother) by J Bauer. This is a story about a young penguin and what happens to him when his mother gets angry! The illustrator of the book won the 2001 German Youth Literature Award. This is pretty wacky read and now you can hear it in Chinese. I don’t know if this book has actually been translated into Chinese so this is not an official translation. I use this book to reinforce body parts vocabulary with my American students and also as a fun book before Mother’s Day.  To get the text please visit here.




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