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Lets Learn Mandarin!

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Not Grade Specific -


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     I created this website to share resources for learning and teaching Chinese, and as a way for me to document some of my teaching.   Now this website has expanded to become a useful tool for my teaching now.  Children have different learning styles, and one size DOESN’T fit all.  It can be difficult to remember this when we are teaching a class or even with our own children.  We can get frustrated when a child is not progressing as fast as another.  I have created lesson plans, games, small books, songs, short reader’s theater plays, and other non-traditional resources to  help children learn Mandarin in different ways.  I also like to incorporate technology such as Kahoot or Thinglink into my lessons.  It’s important to change your activities when teaching a foreign langauge!  Please check out some of the pages from my website for free resources.  Contact me at if you have questions about Chinese group or individual classes for children.


Explore Following Pages

Chinese Stories with Audio

Practice reading Chinese with fun stories and nursery rhymes.

Picture Books on Video

I made videos of popular picture books in Mandarin.  Some books are in dual language.

One Minute Grammar

Quick one minute videos to make Chinese grammar easy to learn!

Learn Chinese Songs

Learn Chinese through music.  All songs come with lyrics PDF.


Chinese Lessons

Each lesson has dual language flashcards, interactive games, and quizzes.

Best Chinese Learning Websites

I have compiled some of the best FREE Chinese resource websites from countries around the world.

Chinese Class Projects

Check out some projects/assignments from my Chinese class.

Chinese Culture Class

Students had fun while learning about China, its language, its history and its culture.

Chinese Summer Camp

Children acquire new vocabulary, cultural knowledge, write and read Chinese characters through music, acting, art, and cooking.

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Common Commands

Learn common everyday classroom commands and essential phrases.

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Chinese Stories with Audio
Picture Books on Video
One Minute Grammar
Learn Chinese Songs
Chinese Lessons
Best Chinese Learning Websites
Chinese Class Projects
Chinese Culture Class
Chinese Summer Camp
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Common Commands
Recent Updates




Below is a video of my 6th grade students singing 月亮代表我的心, The Moon Represents My Heart, with sign language. I am playing the piano. They learned to sing this song after taking Mandarin for just 2 months. Children are sponges soaking up knowledge!



An Original Play in Chinese

This is a play that I adapted from a very well-known Chinese kids story called 小蝌蚪找妈妈, Little Tadpole Looking For Their Mother.   This is a much beloved Chinese children story, and it’s a great way learn Mandarin Chinese.  My Chinese summer campers in Manhattan Beach learned and performed this in only 1 week.




Read what people are saying about my Chinese classes and camps!

Erin wrote: My son looks forward to your class every week and loves to paint the most with Chinese brushes. Thank you, Mrs. Chen, for bringing your knowledge, art and creativity to our children! It is so valuable for them all.

Martha wrote: Mary,
You are an excellent teacher. I hope you will continue this class next school year.

Helen wrote: very very impressive!!!

Jessica Miro wrote:Thank you Mary, Julien is LOVING your class.  Thank you for the wonderful photos and the combination of Chinese art and language!

Elaine wrote: Mary, you are amazing! Isabelle loves you and we hear her singing in Mandarin all the time now! The artwork she created just blew us away. And we love all the documentation – this website is wonderful and her binder too. It’s great fun to see how she spent her time at camp and the Friday performances were fantastic. You seamlessly wove creative learning throughout the days and weeks in a way that made it fun and kept Isabelle engaged. Looking forward to Isabelle learning more Mandarin with you…

Colette wrote: Thanks so much for a great summer camp. Simon had so much fun. We really enjoyed seeing how proud Simon was of his artwork after just the first art activity. And he was really inspired to practice the Chinese on his own – at bedtime we could hear him practicing before falling asleep. :-)

Shaunyi wrote: Summer LOVED mandarin camp! She had so much fun, brought home lots of beautiful art, and loved singing the Chinese songs you taught them. You really make learning so fun for them!


This is my depiction of my family having a feast 全家福.


Please contact me with comments, questions, requests, and suggestions. Thank you.

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      • thank you very much for your comment. i really love mandarin very much.i am also very curious to learn cantonese. they are similar languages.the later is the mother of the former.i am happy to meet people like me who are interested in chinese..

  1. My kids had sooo much fun at your summer camp! Thank you for making Mandarin so enjoyable for them. You truly are a special & talented teacher, who obviously cares so much about her students. I would love it if you could have a class during the school year. We won’t be able to wait until next summer!!!

  2. Hi Mary,

    You are truly a great teacher. I have trouble accessing your PDF even though I have subscribed to your blog. Any suggestions?


  3. Hello Mary
    Am a student love all your lessons how is the best way to remember the characters please and need to start making sentences please.
    New Zealand

  4. Hi Mary, I really enjoy your blog. I have subscribed to it but could not get the password for your downloadable resources. Can you please send it to me? Thank you so much!

  5. Hi Mary,

    I’m visiting your website for the first time today and I’m loving it. How do I start subscribing? Also, any advise where I can download free printable paper for Chinese writing? I think I’d like the one with just a + in the middle of each box.

  6. Hi! This site is really interesting. I enjoyed your blog and I want to know more about it 🙂 May I know the password? 🙂 Thank you so much! You are so good 🙂

    • Hi Claire, thank you for visiting. I have sent you the password via facebook. You can subscribe for free to get updates on new resources added and any changes in password. 🙂

  7. Hi Mary, I love your site. I have subscribed to your website but have not received the new password since it was changed. Can you please send it to me ? thank you !

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    Wojiao Pieter xinxilan how come dont you send work out like before to our emails so sorry to ask that really enjoy your postings.
    xie xie ni

  9. Hey Mary! I love love love all the resources you have up in your site! However, I subscribed but haven’t recieved the password yet… do you think you could send it over?


  10. Hello Mary! Thank you for informative website. I am an English teacher in a Mandarin Dual Language Program and my twin daughters just started the program this year in Kindergarten. I subscribed but haven’t received a password to access some of your resources. Could you please send it over to me?

  11. Hi Mary, I’m having difficulties in teaching my boy chinese… it juz simple can’t get into his brain… He is P2 now but he can hardly read chinese words and pinyin too… would like to print some of the resources from ur blog and story for him to read along with the videos… really hope for a miracles… Appreciate if you can send the the password please…
    Thank you!

    • Hi Candy, I am sorry about the delay I have sent it via email to you please let me know if you have any trouble. Thank you so much for visiting my website. Good luck on teaching your boy Chinese it is not easy! Please let me know if you need any help. Have a great day!

  12. Dear Mary, I really enjoy your blog. I have subscribed to it but could not get the password for your downloadable resources. Can you please send it to me? Thank you so much and have a nice day.

  13. Hi Mary, I have subscribed your website. Could you please send me the password for resource? It’s very nice of you to share. Thanks!

  14. Hi Mary, Your website is very fantastic and I like it.. I’ve subscribed and I would like get a password to be able to download the resources from you. Many thanks.

    • Hi Malee thank you for visiting my website and subscribing. Please check your email and let me know if you have not received the password. Have a great day 🙂

  15. I like your web… i’m teacher from indonesia..i need book 1 to teach my student and i think your book help them. I try to get the book but i can’t….because i must give the password….how i can get the password.?….thank’s…

  16. Hi Mary, I stumbled upon your website–what a GREAT resource! I have subscribed to your blogs, but don’t know where to get the password for your resources. When you have a free moment, please send the password? Thank you so much for this site!

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    I have subscribed to mandarinforme website but unable to access resources available for subscribers as it is requesting for password. can you please help me access.

  18. Hi Mary, your blog is fantastic! I’m a stay at home mum and I would love to teach my kids mandarin which happens to be my secondary language. I’ve just subscribed to your blog but I didn’t get any password. Can I have the password to your downloadable resources please? Thanks in advance!


  19. Hi Mary, I am a stay at home mom with a six year old and I just found out about your website and it’s a very good one. I subscribed on the left column and was confirmed but there was no password given to access the downloadable resources. Can you please advise. Thanks in advance.

  20. I subscribed your website two years ago, I love it so much, but I could not remember the password to access the downloadable resources, could you please sent me password again.Thanks in advance.

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